What’s going on (and what’s coming)

It’s been a while since the last post, but I’ve been doing a lot behind the scenes. Many articles are in draft form, and some are a compilation of notes that I haven’t solidified into an article.

A lot of the notes are helpful even without a cohesive post tying everything together. A new notes page (to be posted soon) will be where those are stored. They’ll also be continuously updated.

Waiting to get an article “perfect” seems to be delaying everything more than I’d like. It’s a simple problem to overcome, but it’s also a convenient excuse.

I’ll start regularly publishing again. The posts will be shorter and less polished, but I’ll get them out there. The posts, like the notes pages, will probably also undergo updates and evolve instead of going out into the world once and staying there. I like that model way better.

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