Shipping lessons in communication

One of my early bosses and mentors who came to lead Communications at Hostess Brands at a hectic time once said in a frenzy, “We’re the communications department. We have a job to do. We can’t wait around and get everyone’s buy-in. This is our job.”

It struck me as odd that this former director of Communications at Pepsi would have such a gung-ho, we-don’t-have-time-to-make-sure-the-executives-are-happy attitude. But she was right; the communications departments for a company with 22,000 numbered exactly two: her, who was commuting to Texas from Connecticut, and me, a fresh college grad.

To get things done, we had no choice but to release our work and change it on the fly. We couldn’t wait for all the lights to turn green or the house would already be burned down by the time we got there, so to speak.

I’m going to adopt that attitude for this blog. The delay in posts prove that I can’t wait around to:

  • find the perfect image before it goes live
  • include every link that might be relevant
  • quadruple edit the posts worrying that a grammatical error on a comms blog will look bad

Here’s to shipping.

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