learnings is not a word

Learnings is not a Word

The (psuedo) word “learnings” is a corporate America cockroach infestation.

You’ve probably heard it. Maybe in a meeting someone asked you about your learnings from a recent project. Or perhaps you should leverage best practices and implement the learnings.


Sure, learning is a word. It’s a verb. Or a singular noun. As in, “All his learning culminated in a disdain for dumb words.”

Attention all who say “learnings:” the word you are (not, but should be) searching for is “lesson.”

You learn lessons, not learnings.

Learnings are not like findings or writings just like gooses is not like cats or dogs.

What a shame that my spell checker gives a thumb up to learnings as I write this.

That’s all from me.

Care to comment on theĀ abusings?

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