Communication is essential to every job, relationship and encounter you will ever have. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in it.

As a communications professional, I’ve spent a lot of time reading, learning and practicing the art of transferring a message from one place to another.

No, scratch that. I’ve spent my time doing that because I’m a nerd. My job title just provided a good excuse. Originally I wanted to be a writer. I fell into comms after college and discovered a whole new universe for English majors besides a teaching career.

This blog has two primary purposes:

  • Help me explore what I’ve learned and organize my thoughts. My brain only works so well as a reference system.
  • Teach others. With all the information I sift through and experience I get (read: mistakes I make) in the corporate world, this outlet will provide a helpful collection/curation of communications/productivity-related resources. From what I’ve seen, a lot of people need help communicating effectively. If you know someone who could use some pointers, feel free to refer them here. (Hint: If you’re reading this because someone else told you to check out a cool tip, you probably need help. You’ve come to the right place.)

From what I’ve seen, these are the biggest benefits strong communication skills offer–and what you can expect from improving yours. This is why communication excites me so much, and why I created a website about it:

Be heard, understood, remembered, shared. 
The ability to effectively translate your ideas and excitement turns others into champions for your cause.

More money because of increased ability to deliver and translate ideas.
Climb up the corporate ladder easily with your ability to influence others and create trust everywhere you go.

Ability to write quick, effective communications.
While others stare at a blank page, you’ll be on to more important projects you’ve received because of the quality and timeliness of your communications.

Create solid foundation for myriad other skills
Watch as you become successful in many other areas because communicating is necessary to almost any endeavor.

Bonus: Become a whiz at social media
Stop trying to find the next social media fad and communicate with time-tested principles that work in any arena, regardless of channel.

Want to know a little more about Communication Productivity?

Check out the first post here or read about who will get the most out of the site.

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Be heard, understood, remembered, shared